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Stairlifts: When Can They Help, and Why Should You Get One?

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Stairs are often considered the most strenuous part of the day for many of us. They can be challenging to navigate, especially if you have a disability or injury that affects your mobility. Stairlifts are a great way to help someone unable to use stairs, and they reinforce the need for stairs in homes and allow people to stay within their homes.

Purchasing a stairlift will allow you to remain independent, reduce the risk of falls, and even increase your quality of life. If you’re thinking about getting a stairlift, you must understand what your needs are. Do you want to continue to climb steps independently? Is climbing stairs difficult or painful? Do you have conditions that make it difficult or impossible for you to climb the stairs in your home?

This guide will teach you everything you need to consider so that you can make an informed decision on which stairlift is best for your specific needs.

When Can Stairlifts Help?

Stairlifts are helpful for people who need to use stairs as part of daily living but can’t manage them on their own. People who have a range of mobility issues, injuries, severely disabled people who cannot get up or down the stairs, or people with limited leg strength can all benefit from the use of a stairlift.

What are the benefits of a stairlift?

Before deciding to go ahead with a stairlift, it’s important to understand the benefits.

Safety & Independence – The main advantages of stairlifts are independence and safety. With a stairlift, you will still be able to enjoy the comfort of your home while making it easy, safe, and pain-free for you to go up and down the stairs.

Cost – A stairlift is a relatively cost-effective solution when you consider affordability and practicality. A stairlift can save you a lot of money and save yourself the trouble of selling your home or finding a professional to help you in your home.

What to consider?

There are several things to consider before purchasing a stairlift; read on to find out what you need to consider if you’re thinking of purchasing a stairlift.

What type of stairs do you have?

A key consideration is what type of staircase you have. This will determine whether you can get a stairlift with a readymade rail or whether you will need to have a rail custom made. Staircases come in various shapes and sizes, and the style of your stairs will dictate the stairlift you choose. Straight and curved stairlifts are the most common types.

Straight stairlifts can be installed on most straight staircases, including narrow, steep, and long runs. Straight stairlifts run on a linear rail and are fitted to a straight track, allowing you to move smoothly in a single direction of travel.

Curved stairlifts are for staircases that feature any bend, corner, or additional flights of stairs joined by a landing. A curved stairlift is fitted to a custom-made curved track designed to follow all the curves and contours of your staircase. Curved stairlifts are made to measure and designed for your staircase and needs.

What are your needs for a stairlift?

Considering your specific needs will help you choose a stairlift that is right for you and determine what additional stairlift features you need. There are different stairlift models that are suited to different needs, as well as optional extras that can be added if required. It’s important to know that here at Prime Stairlifts will be able to assess your requirements and advise on the most suitable model.

Here are some of the things you need to think about…

Manual swivel seats come as standard on stairlifts. With these, a simple and easy-to-use ‘push down’ or ‘pull up’ lever at the side of the chair allows it to swivel it manually to the side. This enables you to rotate the chair so that you can get onto and dismount the chair simply, smoothly, and safely.

Powered swivel seats also allow you to get on and off the stairlift easily but are powered instead of manual. The power swivel operates with a single touch of a button, adding a whole new level of practicality to any stairlift.

Perch seats enable you to be in an almost standing position as you use the stairlift. These seats are ideal if you have difficulty sitting upright or find being in a seated position uncomfortable.

Remote controls – although each stairlift control is designed with a slightly different style, they all come with a simple left or right-handed stop/start button to move the stairlift smoothly in the required direction. These controls are designed to be used easily, even if you have limited dexterity.

Powered options – If you have limited mobility or find it challenging to get up unaided from a seated position, a powered swivel seat and/or powered footrest supports eliminate the need for any manual effort.

If weight restrictions are a problem, make sure you look for a stairlift that can safely and efficiently transport you up and down your stairs.

As you can see, choosing a stairlift is a significant decision with several options to consider. If you’re interested in a stairlift, it’s important that you can gain access to the right information and support. At Prime Stairlifts we are here to help make the right choice, request a FREE no-obligation quote, and we’ll call you to ensure we understand your needs before helping you to buy the stairlift that is most suitable for you.

We pride ourselves on offering expert advice, quality products, assured installation, and reliable aftersales service. Find out more here: Prime Stairlifts

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