A Straight Stairlift Reconditioned Starla 600


The price starts from £1695.

We have helped many people regain freedom of movement around their homes with the Starla 600 stairlift, our most elegant reconditioned stairlift. Due to its additional features, the Starla 600 is one of the best-reconditioned stairlifts to date, making reconditioned stairlifts with additional features more accessible. In addition to its wide range of features, it is also the most customisable stairlift in the Stannah range. The Starla is also compatible with both our rail options – straight and curved. Prime Stairlifts are confident that we have a solution for whatever your needs.

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Straight or Curved Stairlift Reconditioned Starla 600

With the easy-to-use Starla stairlift, you can regain your independence while making your life easier. The slimline rail and fold-away chair make the best use of space and allow others to use the staircase. Installed in just a few hours, the Starla makes it easier and safer for you to get up and down, saving you the trouble and expense of moving.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact, Discreet and unobtrusive
  • Manual Swivel
  • Manual Footrest
  • Retractable Seat Belt
  • Remote Controls
  • One-year warranty as standard

Fully reconditioned

The Starla 600 stairlift undergoes an in-depth process in which all moving parts, electrics, batteries, and outer casings are thoroughly reconditioned or replaced. Our reconditioning specialists perform all of this up to the latest British safety standards. The stairlift will then be fully serviced before it is installed in your home. Learn more about reconditioned stairlifts here.

* While parts are replaced, it's important to note features may differ and that the upholstery on a reconditioned stairlift may show signs of wear and tear.

Easy to use controls 

Designed for those with less dexterity, the controls are intuitive and straightforward. You can use them with your hand, arm, or wrist, and they work with the lightest touch.


The Starla features a seatbelt that can be fastened with one hand. A pressure-sensitive edge enables the stairlift to stop gently if obstructed, while removable keys will allow the stairlift to be immobilised if necessary.

Upholstery Options

Depending on your preferences and needs, you can tailor the Starla to suit you. Choose from a wide range of trims, upholstery options and even rail colours to ensure your stairlift matches your decor.

Footrest Rest

A manual lever on the curved product or a seat-to-footrest link on the straight version eliminates the need to bend over to lift the footrest, which is why the Starla comes with a manual lever as standard. For ultimate convenience, an automatic footrest fold button is also available.

Swivel Seat

We offer manual and power swivel seat options on the Starla 600 that allows you to swivel your seat at the top of the stairs to enable you to get off facing the landing and get back on again safely.

Battery Powered

All stairlifts are equipped with rechargeable batteries, so even in the event of a power outage, your stairlift will still operate for several trips up and down the stairs.

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