Thyssen HomeGlide Extra Reconditioned Straight Stairlifts


Thyssen HomeGlide Extra Reconditioned Straight Stairlifts are built to last, with low maintenance and high reliability.

Thyssen HomeGlide Extra is affordable with no compromise on quality. We specialise and pride ourselves on our reconditioned stair lifts.

Serviced to a high standard and with a 12, 24 or 36-months warranty.

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Thyssen HomeGlide Extra Reconditioned Straight Stairlifts

We recondition our lifts to a very high standard, but sometimes there is the odd mark on them that you physically can not get out of. The batteries are always new.

Reconditioned stairlifts come with the same quality assurance for both straight and curved staircases. A pre-owned stairlift will be tested rigorously by our team of engineers. It will only receive the reconditioned seal of approval when it meets our rigorous quality and safety standards. That’s why you can be confident that when a refurbished stairlift is installed in your home, it is every bit as good as a new one – after all, it still has the Prime Stairlift craftsmanship on it.

For those who want the ultimate in options and luxury, the HomeGlide Extra Stairlift provides a premium option. The HomeGlide Extra features various fabrics, colours, and compact dimensions, making it a highly attractive stairlift. Unlike other stairlifts, the HomeGlide Extra is equipped with many standard features, as well as ThyssenKrupp's high-quality reliability.

Features and Benefits

  • New batteries
  • Stylish, modern design
  • Powered swivel seat as standard
  • Footrest link as standard
  • Safe, quiet, and smooth
  • Fast installations
  • Diagnostic display
  • Drop nose rail option
  • Seat belt
  • Chair folds away

Powered Swivel Seat

The HomeGlide Extra comes with a manual swivel seat as standard. Upgrading to the powered seat allows you to easily swivel the chair upwards or downwards by pressing and holding the control panel. The lift automatically rotates away from the open staircase, allowing a safe exit from the chair.

Adjustable Seat Height

Four different seat heights are available, allowing you to choose the most comfortable seating position for you. The footrest is just 97 mm from the floor, making it easier to get on and off.

Ergonomically Shaped Seat

Designed with ergonomic experts, the HomeGlide Extra uses a seat that positively affects your posture while offering maximum comfort.

Linked Footrest

As standard, the HomeGlide Extra comes with a linked footrest. This feature makes it almost effortless when unfolding the chair as the footrest is linked to the seat.

Automatic Powered Hinge

If you have an obstruction at the foot of the staircase, you can choose to have an automatic powered hinge installed. After using the stairlift, it will return to the top of the stairs, and the lower section of the rail will fold away, leaving the bottom of your staircase clear.

Safety and Security

A stairlift should make you feel safe. In addition to curved armrests and a retractable seat belt, the HomeGlide Extra also comes with retractable seat belts. The straight armrests are also available if this is what you prefer.

Maximum Weight Upgrade

The HomeGlide Extra can support weights of up to 125 kg as standard. If required, the maximum weight capacity can be increased to 146 kg.

You can obtain more information about our stairlifts by completing an online form here or by contacting one of our qualified staff members.

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"The HomeGlide is the perfect solution for any straight staircase. I was able to install the stairlift within just a few hours - the customer was delighted."

Technical Specification

Certified to The Highest Standards


Speed: Max 0.12 m/s
Driver Type: Rack and pinion
Motor Wattage: 280 W
Weight Capacity: Standard - max 125 kg | Optional - max 146 kg
Batteries: 2 x 12 V batteries; 24V
Operation: Joystick control as standard
Staircase Incline: 28º up to 53º (28º up to 45º with 146 kg option)
Certification: Machine directive 2006/42/EG BS EN 81-40
Automatic Stop: Yes
Footrest: Yes
Retractable Safety Belt: Yes
Thyssen HomeGlide Extra Straight Access BDD Stairlifts technical specification from Prime Stairlifts @primestairlifts


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