Oto Two Curved Stairlifts (New)


Oto Two Curved Stairlifts are built to last, with low maintenance and high reliability.
The Otolift TWO stair lifts can be used on the majority of stair configurations whilst still remaining compact & close to the wall. It is available with 2 weight limits, 130kg & 150kg along with an extensive range of additional options to ensure it meets your needs.

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Oto Two Curved Stairlifts (New)

  • Compact and comfortable
  • Slim twin-tube rail for strength and reliability
  • Level assisted manual-folding footrest
  • Battery operated to keep going during power cuts
  • Safety system with an auto-stop if the chair is obstructed
  • Folding and sliding rail optional

We have a wide range of recommended stairlifts to buy.

Being an independent reseller allows us to provide you with a range of choices in the UK stairlift market today, new, reconditioned, straight or curved, with various amenities to suit your need and budget.

Check out also our range of straight stairlift costs. Visit our shop page.
Let us help your stair climber process with a stairlift provider near you.

The most known stairlift company provider in the UK is undoubtedly Acorn. Still, others are equally as good, such as its sister company Brooks and others we work with as Stannah stairlifts (reconditioned), Thyssen and Flow X stairlifts (a.k.a Thyssenkrupp from Access BDD group), Bespoke stairlifts, Oto lift stairlifts.

Allow us to visit your home and assess the area for the most appropriate product and services to your needs today!


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