Oto Air Curved Stairlifts (New)


The Otolift Air Curved Stairlift is classic and highly reliable. Otolift is specially designed for narrow and steep stairs having the thinnest tubular rail system on the market. Even the most complicated staircases are smooth with Otolift Air. Additionally, the Oto Air can travel partly or entirely backwards with its advanced reverse drive technology.

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This Otolift Air curved stairlift is specially designed for narrow and steep stairs but can also be used on any other staircase configuration. Available with an extensive range of additional features to ensure you get a lift tailored to your personal needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and Comfortable
  • Smooth Ride
  • Powered Folding Footrest
  • Light Touch Controls
  • Battery operated
  • Weight Limit 19.5 stone / 125kg

Upholstery Options

Otolift Air Curved Stairlifts feature a sleek and stylish design, as well as a host of optional features that allow you to customise the stairlift to your decor, including a choice of fabric colours and rail colours.

Powered Footrest

When not in use, the powered footrest will fold up for easy stair access for others. The Oto Air's armrests and footrest fold away, and it comes with a powered folding footrest as standard.

Powered Swivel Seat

The stairlift is fitted with a Powered Swivel Seat, which automatically turns at the top of the stairs so you can safely exit the stairlift. If the stairway is narrow, it is possible to travel up the stairs in a downward-facing swivel position.

Remote Controls

The unique controls, which have an on/off button on the arm, are easy to navigate and require only a light touch.

Battery Operated

The stairlift is battery-operated, so it will work even if the power goes out. There is also a charging station on the lift to charge up the batteries.

Safety Seat Belt

The retractable safety belt keeps stairlift users comfortable and secure.

Designed with pressure-sensitive edges, the stairlift will stop automatically if it encounters any obstacles on the stairs.

Single Tube Rail

The Otolift Air Curved Stairlift has the thinnest single tube rail diameter of any stairlift measuring just 6cm wide. Its versatile design can fit on almost any curved staircase and can handle 90-degree and 180-degree turns comfortably.

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