Heavy Duty 30st Bruno Straight Stairlifts (New)


Bruno Heavy Duty straight stairlifts combine quality and comfort with an impressive lift capacity of 30stone/190kg. You’ll be able to move from one floor to the next in a smooth, quiet ride. Featuring a variety of power options as well as a slimline rail, the Bruno could be the perfect solution for any staircase.

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Heavy Duty 30st Bruno Straight Stairlifts (New)

The Bruno stairlift range offers unrivalled comfort and stability, with a heavy-duty lift capacity. Available with power or manual folding rails, power swivel seat and an extra-large seat pad. The extensive range of features available for the Bruno straight stairlift makes it one of the most flexible heavy-duty stairlifts available on the market.

Features and Benefits

  • 30 Stone (190kg) Weight Limit
  • Extra Wide Seat Pad
  • Power Folding Footrest
  • Power Swivel Seat

Luxury Styling

The plush, adjustable seat provides exceptional comfort with multiple customization options.

Spacing-Saving Rail

Unique vertical rail leaves maximum open space on steps. Covered gear rack reduces exposure to grease, dirt.

Easy Operation

Armrest control glides stairlift smoothly up/down. Two wireless remotes are also included. Fold stairlift when not in use to save extra space.

Integrated Safety

The swivel seat rotates up to 90° for a safe exit at the top landing. Obstruction sensors and retractable seat belts ensure safety.

Dependable, Smooth Performance

Gentle, quiet ride with soft start/stop. Continuously charging battery operation ensures stairlift works even in a power outage.

Bruno Heavy Duty 30 Stones Elite Stair Lift | FAQ

Why Choose A Bruno Elite Indoor Straight Stairlift?

The Elite is Bruno’s luxury quality, high-lift capacity indoor stairlift model. The Elite offers plush padding, a high seat back, more seat and footrest adjustability and a 190 Kg (400 Lb) lift capacity.

What Are Popular Indoor Elite Straight Options?

A power-folding footrest is a back-friendly option that allows the footrest and seat to fold without leaning over, and an oversized seat cushion is a common option to better fit an individual body type. If you have a doorway at the bottom of your stairs or a situation where a stairlift rail may create an obstruction, you may wish to consider a manual or power folding rail.

What Is A Benefit Of Elite Straight Stairlift’s Rail?

Other stairlift brands use a horizontal rail with an exposed gear rack, but Bruno’s Elite straight uses a vertical rail with a covered gear rack. The unique vertical rail installs close to the wall, maximizing open space on the stairs. In addition, Bruno’s covered gear rack reduces exposure to dirt and grease and gives a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

How Is A Bruno Elite Indoor Straight Stairlift Powered?

The Bruno Elite stairlift uses two 12v maintenance-free batteries that are continuously charging anywhere the unit stops of the rail. Therefore, your stairlift will operate, for multiple round trips, even if you lose power.

Bruno Heavy Duty 30 Stones Elite Stair Lift | Options

Power Folding Footrest

Power flips footrest up/down when the seat is raised/lowered. Arm switch control optional.bruno elite stairlift 30 stones heavy duty power folding footrest Prime Stairlifts

Folding Rail

Power & manual versions. Use for a narrow hallway or doorway at bottom of stairs.

bruno elite stairlift heavy duty 30 stones folding rail prime stairlifts

Power Swivel Seat

Power rotate the seat for easy on/off with control on chair arm or wireless remote.

bruno elite stairlift heavy duty 30 stones power swivel seat prime stairlifts

Larger Seat Pad

Optional larger Elite seat pad for increased comfort. 546mm wide x 406mm deep (21.5" wide x 16"deep).

bruno elite stair lift larger seat pad heavy duty 30 stones prime stairlifts

Larget Footrest

Optional larger Elite footrest. 305mm long x 279mm wide (12" long x 11" wide).

bruno elite stairlift larger footrest 30 stones heavy duty prime stairlifts

Multiple Custom Colours

Personalize your Bruno Elite stairlift with one of four custom seat colours.

bruno elite stair lift 30 stones heavy duty Multiple Custom Colours

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