Brooks Sit and Stand Straight Stairlifts (New)


The Brooks Sit-Stand Stairlift offers versatile user options; with a Sit-Stand Stairlift, users can travel either sitting or standing. Using the same stairlift can be challenging when two people have different needs. However, Brooks Sit-Stand Stairlift has solved this problem. Prime Stairlifts are pleased to offer this ideal stairlift choice for people living together and sharing a stairlift.

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Brooks Sit and Stand Straight Stairlifts

When a user has specific needs, such as bending difficulties, Brooks Sit and Stand can be an ideal solution. Using the Brooks Sit-Stand stairlift gives you a comfortable and secure sitting or standing ride up and down a flight of stairs. The stairlift is quiet and provides smooth travel with soft stops and starts. All the same, features that you'd find on a standard seated stairlift are included in this model.

Features and Benefits

  • Option To sit or Stand
  • Easy To Use Controls
  • Smooth Ride
  • Battery Powered
  • Footrest link as standard
  • Diagnostic LED as standard

Stand Frame

The stairlift can be used as standard, or you can use the stand frame securely attached to the side and back of the stairlift.

Retractable Safety Belt

While on the stairlift, you can use the safety belt as an additional security measure. This belt can be neatly retracted after use so that you can keep it out of the way.

Simple Controls

The controls for the stairlift are located on the end of either arm of the device. These are easy to operate and only require light pressure when used. You simply need to hold the handle in the direction of travel you desire.

Secure Footplate

It is possible to rest your feet on the footplate while travelling in a seated position or stand on it while travelling in a standing position. When standing, the footplate can support the weight of the user.

Maximum weight 20kg.

Pressure Safety Sensors

The safety sensors are located around the carriage and footplate. If the stairlift encounters any kind of obstruction along the stairs, sensors will immediately stop the stairlift.

Remote Controls

By using a wireless remote control, you can send the stairlift up and down the stairs. Sit-Stand stairlifts are equipped as standard with two remote controls, which can be handy if you have more than one person using the stairlift simultaneously.

Display Screen

A clear indication of the stairlift's current performance can be seen on the display screen. You can find information such as the direction of travel, whether safety sensors are active, or whether the battery is charged.

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