Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlifts (New)


We are thrilled to introduce the Bespoke Synergy straight stairlift, a practical, reliable, easy-to-use stairlift that can transform your everyday life. Packed with features and designed for comfort, the Synergy is quickly becoming one of our top-rated straight stairlifts.

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Synergy stairlifts for straight staircases satisfy market needs for guaranteed reliability, robust quality, and quick installation, all at a highly competitive price. Synergy is a simple and straightforward stairlift that can easily be installed. Fitted onto the staircase cleanly and discreetly, it glides smoothly along an aluminium track.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact, Discreet, and unobtrusive
  • Smooth Ride
  • Battery Powered
  • Footrest link as standard
  • Diagnostic LED as standard

Easy To Use and Operate

With an ergonomic toggle control, the Synergy straight Stairlift from Bespoke is simple to use. It's also specially designed for users with low dexterity in their fingers. The two remote controls, as standard, can be used to call or send the stairlift from either side of a staircase.

Folding arms, seat, and footrest

The Synergy arms and footrest all fold neatly into the back of the stairlift, so there is more room for other people. It's easy to operate and incredibly space-saving - great for those who have minimal space on their staircase.

Swivel seat as standard

The Synergy straight Stairlift has an easy-to-use swivel seat. Both sides of the seat feature a lever for simple operation. This feature is handy for left and right-handed users. As soon as the seat has turned around, it conveniently locks into position so you can descend safely and securely.

Carriage and footrest with pressure-sensitive edges

The Bespoke Synergy has safety features all around, including floating edges that only stop when they touch an object. The LED indicator will flash if the stairlift's fault code is hit, and it will also tell you which way to go for a safe exit of your stairlift.

Easy To Understand Display Panel

Every Bespoke Synergy stairlift is easy to read, simple to understand and has a digital diagnostic display that uses clear backlit text. It doesn't require complicated codes or flashing lights like other devices do.

Here at Prime Stairlifts, we pride ourselves on being the most reliable stairlift supplier on the market. We offer new, reconditioned, and straight or curved stairlift models with varied amenities for your budget needs.

We care about more than just delivering you quality products. We know what it means to invest in a stairlift, and we know the frustrations and the worries that go along with it. And we also know how we can help.

We have thousands of satisfied customers and offer a range of stairlift models from some of the best manufacturers in the industry. 

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