Bespoke Infinity Curved Stairlifts (New)


Bespoke Infinity Curved Stairlifts are reliable, cost-effective solutions for customers with curved and complex staircases.
Health and hygiene with removable seat covers for easier cleaning. The only curved stairlift manufacturer to include removable covers to its lifts.
Safe and secure, with adjustable seat belt, two sets of keys locking it in an off position and sensors on the footrest if discovers an obstacle on the curved stairs.

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Bespoke Infinity Curved Stairlifts (New)

With minimum assistance from others, the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift offers complete customer independence and peace of mind when in use.
Every part of the Infinity curved stairlift is designed with the customer in mind.
For fully independent living, choose the Infinity curved stairlift.

  • Standard or plus stair lifts models to suit all types of user
  • Manual or powered swivel options
  • Ergonomic joystick controls
  • Remote control operation

Health and Hygiene

Removing seat covers for easier cleaning ensures the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlifts will always look their best.
We are the only (one of maybe) manufacturers to include removable covers on our lift.

The Perfect Fit For Any Home

Our in-house team specifically designed the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift rail and is tailored to fit your customer’s staircase.

Parking The Infinity Couldn't Be Easier

The seat and footrest are easily folded; giving more space when the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift is not in use.

bespoke stairlifts infinity Prime Stairlifts

Digital Display

With the digital diagnostic display as standard, the status of the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift is easy to follow with the clear, backlit text.

This means you don't need to decipher complicated digital codes, bleeps or flashing lights, meaning fewer need to call-outs.

Stylish and Design

Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift seating is compact yet comfortable and has been designed to complement any home.

Safe and Secure

Seat Belt

A simple and fully adjustable seat belt gives the user peace of mind and security when the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift is in operation.

Key Locker

Two keys are provided for locking the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift in an off position for added safety.

Auto Stop Sensors

The Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift has been designed with the customer's safety and independence in mind.

Taking Back Control Of Your Home

With minimum assistance from others, the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift offers complete customer independence and peace of mind when in use.

Bespoke Stairlifts Mission Statement

"Bespoke stairlifts vision was to create a reliable, cost-effective solution for customers with curved and complex staircases."



Hygienic Seat Cover

Removable covers for a deeper clean keep the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift looking great.

Simple To Control

The ergonomically designed control switch gives the user complete comfort for users with dexterity issues.

Easy Swivel Level Controls

Tilting the lever rotates the seat making it easy and safe to get on, and off the landing.

Stop Motion

The Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift will come to a halt if the sensors on the footrest discover an obstacle on the stairs.

Slim and Stylish

Without compromising comfort, the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift is one of the slimmest stairlift seats, folding closer to the wall.

Folding Arms and Footrest

Easy to fold away giving room to other staircase users.

Seat Belt

The retractable seat belt ensures the user can feel safe and secure when operating the Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift.

Footrest Lever

The lever puts the footrest down with minimal bending and discomfort to the user.

Bespoke Infinity curved stairlift Specifications

bespoke curved stairlifts synergy infinity technical specifications

A: Overall Height (from the floor) 1058 mm (42 inches)

B: Height of arms (from the floor)  837 mm (33 inches)

C: Height of seat (from the floor) 594 mm (23 inches)

D: Overall width 607 mm (24 inches)

E: Width of footrest 320 mm (12 inches)

F: Overall depth (from the wall) 635 mm (25 inches)

G: Depth of seat (to backrest) 380 mm (15 inches)

H: Depth of footrest 380 mm (15 inches)

I: Overall height (when folded) 1078 mm (43 inches)

J: Overall depth (when folded) 407 mm (16 inches)


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