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How To Check The Signs Your Parent Needs A Stairlift

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Parents who live independently in a home they love is a rewarding experience. However, as we age, living alone unsupervised also has its challenges. Trying to figure out whether your parent need’s a stairlift can be difficult to identify, so checking for the signs could mean the difference between a safe and healthy transition.

Bringing up mobility and accessibility issues with your parents can be difficult. Still, if any of the following signs appear, it might be time to have a serious discussion about installing a stairlift.

We’ve put together the critical signs that it’s time to invest in a stairlift for your elderly parents. 

Has your parent fallen while coming up/down the stairs?

It is undeniable that falling is the most visible and one of the earliest indications that your parent has difficulty getting around safely. They are less steady on their feet, so they can cause severe disasters (such as a potentially devastating fall) while navigating the stairs. Your parent will be able to move seamlessly from one floor to another within their home with a stairlift.


Is your parent’s health a concern?

It’s not always easy to notice changes in another person’s health or understand how changes might affect their ability to live independently – safely. In most cases, a stairlift will ease mobility issues that result from a health condition. But it’s essential to regularly monitor and assess your parent’s health and inform a GP of any problems you might notice about your parent’s health or mobility.

Use the signs below to see if your parent’s health is a concern:

  • Your parent has balance issues.
  • Your parent has issues walking up or downstairs.
  • Your parent has issues walking because they are dizzy.
  • Your parent is always complaining about stairs.
  • Your parent needs help doing activities that take more than 15 minutes but less than one hour.

Any of the above signs are indications your parent needs the added safety of a stairlift.


Does your parent have balancing issues?

If your parent has issues standing on their own and feels safer using a walking stick, frame, or handrails? – these are significant signs of mobility deteriorating. Other signs that your parent has balance issues include the need for assistance getting dressed, walking around the house, getting in or out of bed or showering.

If you notice your parent’s balance worsens over time, they might need a stairlift. A stairlift will not only give them the freedom to go up and downstairs, but it will keep them safe at the same time.


Does your parent become easily out of breath?

Walking up the stairs can be physically demanding. Suppose you’ve noticed that your parents have difficulty at home because of shortness of breath, especially when climbing the stairs. In that case, these could well be indicators that it might be a good time to think about a stairlift and making your movement around the house a lot easier. 


Does your parent stack items at the bottom of the stairs?

Do your parents stack items like laundry and toiletries at the bottom of the stairs to avoid making ‘unnecessary’ trips up and down? If they’re doing this, it’s possible that they feel unsafe or uncomfortable while using the stairs.

It’s important to note that this could be dangerous if either of your parents doesn’t feel confident using the stairs, this could result in a fall. A stairlift can help prevent falls by allowing your parent to travel up and downstairs easily.


Is your parent always complaining about stairs?

If your parent complains about stairs regularly, it could signify that they need a stairlift. This could be a sign that your parent has balance issues. It could also be a sign that they are always getting out of breath when walking downstairs.

If you have spotted any of the above signs, it may indicate your parent needs the added security a stairlift can provide. It could also mean that it’s time to talk to your parents about installing a stairlift. If you are not sure how to raise the subject, our team of mobility advisors are always on hand to offer support.  

Prime Stairlifts wants to ensure you have all the information you need before making your stairlift purchase. Feel free to contact us at or call us at 0800 9708636 if you have any questions.

To learn more about our stairlifts, you can also request a brochure. Our website also allows you to request a quote.

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